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Default FW 450 - Would a flat battery behave like this?

I am a severe noob to multirotor, enough that I had the LHS help me finish this one out.

I got this flamewheel 450 about a year ago in a trade for a set of servos, has dji 2212/920 kv motors, opto 30a esc, dji naza v2, etc. Came with a Pulse 3300 mah 4s battery on storage charge.

I put it through a few cycles on the charger here and there, but didnt maiden it till yesterday. Has a ton of power for about the first minute, but then gradually gets flatter and flatter. At about 4 minutes, it basically lands itself, but voltage across cels is around 3.85.

It's bare bones except for an an fpv camera and osd.

Of course, its the only 4s I have and I dont have any deans plugs at the house to run two 3s in parallel to get a comparable battery size, and run my 10 inch props

Sound like a flat battery? Or something else I need to look at. What kind of flight times should I be getting with the above?

Eventually want to put 10 inch props on it and run a go-pro with gimbal. But I need to learn more and figure this out for starters
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