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Originally Posted by Tron View Post
Yes, I see how NoTrims on collective would be useful.

To clarify, I'm wondering why it is used on Throttle as indicated. I thought you would want to have trim ability on Throttle (say to adjust idle point on the nitro engine).
You do the idle trim on throttle a different way for a Nitro Heli vs a Plane on OpenTX.

On a plane, you can use a special option (Throttle Trim Idle Only) to allow -100 on throttle stick to have an idle value altered by trim. Unfortunately this affects ALL Thr values and messes with collective.

The better way to do this is a mix function that uses both Thr and TrmT only on the throttle input.

CH1: [I1]Thr Weight (+100%)
*= CH17 Weight (+100%)
+= CH18 Weight (+100%)
:= MAX Weight (-100%) Switch (SAdn) ** Cut **

CH17: TrmT Weight (-25%)
+= MAX Weight (+75%)

CH18: TrmT Weight (+25%)
+= MAX Weight (+25%)

  • [I1]Thr has no trim.
  • CH1 is the throttle
  • CH17 is the total distance on the active Thr channel
  • CH18 is the idle space at the bottom of the Thr channel
This way you get a throttle trim and a linear throttle from idle to max.
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