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Yea ,had at least half a dozen crashes not knowing why.Really hard to put my finger on it since it all happens so fast. Didnt want to blame the fc or futaba ,it was a bad deans to xt60 a bad $5 plug cost me $50 in blades and booms........but now I know.

Im back up to full end points on all channels and throttle.....The thing really screams in figure eights like a pylon racer.

And the 4s 1800 65c nano tehc are getting around six full blast minutes ,coming down slightly warm @ 3.75 give or take ,lva set @ 3.5.

Set up a nice parallel charge rig so I can charge up to twenty (have ten) @ one time.

Now its time to start playing with the fc ,probly throw a sprf3 in one of the kits off fleabay.
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