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Default Trying to connect my Orange 615x to my Naze 32

Hoping someone can get my receiver working.

I have a ZMR250 that I bought from someone with a Naze 32 board that was working with a taranis receiver.

He disconnected his receiver and Im trying to get it to work with a Orange 615X receiver that I have for my Spektrum 6Si

Coming off the Naze Board, there are the following wires / plugs:

- Green (that I plugged into Throttle)
- Red/White/Black (that I plugged into ALE with the white on top)
- Brown (that I plugged into ELEV)
- Yellow (that I plugged into RUDD)
- Black (that I plugged into Gear)
- Orange (that I plugged into Aux)

When plug the battery in, I dont get any power to the receiver

I think this has something to do with the RED/WHITE/Black cable.

Ideally, I think I should be connecting this via CPPM, right anyway. If I do this, I need a simple servo cable with 3 separate cables r right? Can someone explain to me clearly where the servo cable goes in on the Orange 165X an where it goes in the Naze 32?
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