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Originally Posted by setishock View Post
I have the DX7s and the DX9. I use the 7 for the smaller birds and the 9 for the hex's.

The 9 gives me more model memory and bind on the fly so to speak. I needed more channels for not only flying but gimbal control and other external goodies I design and build myself. The stick gimbals are smooth and can be adjusted for tension.

Bitchin' Betty lets you fly and not have to look down at the display. Sweet female voice gets your attention. And you can select what alert and function she pipes up about. I have her telling me what position/function all the switches are in. There are timer and stopwatch features she will announce as they play out. I set my timers based on experience with flight time and disable the battery function in the NAZA. When she tells me the timer has run out, I land.

My rule of thumb is to get more channels than you need right now and have them on tap when you do. Of course you'll have to upgrade your receiver on your bird if you need the extra channels. IMHO I don't think you'll need 18 channels. I'm more in to the 250 model memory. I have a few variations of each platform so the model memory is handy.

Oh yeah. On the back on top of the hand grips is 2 rotary thumbwheels. As with the rest of the switches they too can be programmed. On mine I have them set to adjust the gains while flying. I really really like that.

Get the 9. Charge the battery for a day then sit down and go through the programming. It took me 2 rounds to get the programming down. And some help from members here. Afterwards, piece of cake.

Ok so I'm a Spektrum fan. Some will say Spektrum has issues like brown outs on the receivers. It's not the fault of the RX when the power running it dips too low. Like everything else, the devil's in the details. As for my experiences with the 7 and 9 and the 7 and 8 channel RX's, I haven't had a single problem.
This. Ive played with a bunch of the other radio brands but honestly I keep coming back to my DX8. Maybe its more intuitive, maybe it feels better, maybe Im just used to it. I know the Mini Quad guys are all nuts for the Taranis but the two Ive played with were confusing as hell to get programmed. I havent had the typical problems with brown outs from receivers and its safe to say Ive tried everything from name brand to OrangeRX to... Well currently my race quad is using a Kensun satellite... As long as you feed them the correct voltage they work fine.
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