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Default Customer service made me switch brands!

Just got off the phone with the wonderful service department at Airtronics and am disillusioned to say the least. Had an issue with my throttle pot which was jumping and not staying at zero. Terri Moore helped me pin point the problem I was having and I wanted to say what a great helpful guy he was. The people at airtronics had my radio for about ten days and finally got around to calling me and telling me they found zero issues with the pot in question? They were intent on selling me a new sd10gs and told me if I wanted them to go ahead and change the throttle side gimbal that it was not possible because it was not in stock. They then renewed their advice to get the new radio for 300.00. I told them I wanted to keep my radio and their answer was they could send it back to me as is?????? They didn't even have the courtesy to tell me when they would get a gimbal in to swap out. They did tell me they could put in a used refurbished gimbal in it???? Seemed to me the whole time I was on the phone they just wanted me to get a new radio and didn't have the slightest inclination in fixing the one I sent in. That's it for me....I was the only guy at my field sticking up for and using Airtronics but now I feel the need to jump ship because I felt zero loyalty from them in the least. I was on the cusp when it came to getting another system and they planted their big foot on my back side and kicked me over the edge. Telemetry, voice alerts,sbus here I come
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