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Default Jeti-->Spek DX9 wireless buddy box

When I got my DS14, I sold my DX8. Of course now, I have switched over all of my heli RX's to Jeti as well.

Now, after a few months, I realize that I miss the capability of wireless buddy boxing that the DX9 and DX8 combo offered. So, now, I am looking to add that capability back, using the radios I still have. Jeti DS14 as the instructor and Spek DX9 as the student.

After a little bit of digging around, I think I have figured out how to do it and with relative ease and very little cost. A big shout out goes to a guy named Eury over at the RCTS forum for the ideas and info.

So, anyway, I'm going to use this thread to show how I did it, and ask questions as needed.

The general idea is that I am going to mount a Spektrum compatible RX inside the DS14. The RX has a PPM out that I will plug in to the PPM in, inside the DS14. Then, using free mixes, I will mix each channel of the Spek RX with the corresponding DS14 channels.

I will be using the Lemon 8ch DSMX with PPM out RX.

Does anyone happen to know exactly what connector is used on the PPM port on the inside of the Jeti? It's the unused 4 pin connector that is immediately to the right of the SD card when looking at the inside of the radio. I want to use the proper connector for this.

Here is the vid for inspiration. The guy that made the vid did not know which connector was the actual correct one.
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