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Originally Posted by Eury View Post
No problem man, glad I helped you. I used it for quite a while like that and it worked very well. The guy who is making the module bays found a source for the proper connector. I'd bet a Spektrum satellite connector would work really well.
Oh nice! Hi there! I didn't realize you were over here as well! ( I must be half brain dead. Not sure how I didnt realize that. My apologies.) Thank you again for the inspiration.

I already ordered the Lemon RX with PPM out. I'll have to hit up Raleigh to see about those connectors. I asked Jeti USA and they told me they did not know which exact connector it was. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

I have several different connectors here at the house that I might try. I think the Spek sat connectors are a bit small having looked at it all up close. The Spek sats use a 1.5mm pin. This Jeti connector looks slightly larger than that to me. I could be wrong though.
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