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You think businesses would know about customer support! And respect it! It could be a bad employee or two but managers should be on that.

Thats one reason i keep buying castle creations esc's. I had a new one fry in my emaxx i built and they sent a replacement free of charge no questions asked really. That was my first cc esc. Ive bought 6 esc's since including a mamba monster and mamba monster X which was like $200 iirc just for the esc. Plus I run them on all my helis that i purchase an esc for.

Never had a problem with a cc controller since either..

Customer service goes a long way!

And spektrum is a good radio. I picked up a used dx18 a while back for $400 (hobby store was like $800) and ive had zero issues. There are more fancy options sure but im happy for now.
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