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Hi guys... Hope I can help here.

As for buddy boxing... You can use:

Jeti R3 with special firmware to act as PPM IN. ( then hook into trainer on the DX9 while it's set up like using a sim.)
That works as the built in Jeti to Jeti wireless trainer which is on/off like normal. (You can reverse map and allow or disallow any channels.)

The method you found... Ppm out receiver, into the plug you found... Can be powered by the Jeti battery but it's 1 cell... ( voltage step up makes it higher) This isn't really a trainer. It will use a lot of mixes too. But here's how you may do that:

1. Mix in ppm in ch x to whatever at 100% or -100% if you need the input flipped or reversed.
(Both trainer and student work at same time, which you said you don't think you'll like...)
2. Map your stick inputs to the wrong ones. (So four are th/pitch, aileron, elev, rudder) your heli is 7ch, so 1-7 are the real controls... 8,9,10,11 are your remaps. 8, thr stick, 9 aileron stick, 10, elev stick, and 11, rudder stick.

Now it's broke as crap! Nothing works right? TH and collective don't map to squat... So make them map from ch 8 when the trainer switch is off. You need to hook in 5 ch for trainer, and 5 ch for your own control, (throttle, pitch, ail, elev, and rudder) so 10 free mixes. If you did the traditional way, you need even more. (BTW... That replace logic... Would do this in 5 mixes.)

Before you think I'm nuts... I built this on day 1 with Jeti for my daughter actually. I made her quad fly from either stick input, or from the accelerometers (ipad style) haha! Took 8 mixes and 8 extra channels.

Ch 1-4 really control the quad... Mapped from nothing.
Ch 5-8 mapping of the sticks for control...
Ch 9-12 mapping of accelerometers for control... (Just like the trainer part on ppm in)
Mixes - replaced ch1-4 with either 5-8 or 9-12 depending on fly with sticks or accelerometers.
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