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Originally Posted by KiloXray View Post
I'm tracking. I think that #1 there will probably be ok for me. I just need to have a switch to cut the input from the student, that's easy.

Also, you mentioned 5 channels to mix? I think you really would still only need 4.

and PITCH.

Throttle does not really need to be given to the student. I can run throttle from my IU switch on my radio.

I am also thinking that you could even set it up so that if the instructor hit the rescue switch (assuming you are using an FBL that has rescue) it could automatically cut input from the student.
Yep. TH would be your IU, so yeah.

As for cutting input... Yeah you could, but again, takes a ton of mixes or a logical switch, since there's "surprise! No replace"...

Cleanest way there is a logical switch that says if trainer switch is "on" AND rescue switch is "off". So anything based on that switch undoes it's change if rescue is triggered.
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