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Originally Posted by gunny_jeeves View Post
KX... You can add this too. Just saying... (It just hit me.)

If you want the normal trainer mix mentioned, where you fight eachother for control... Then want to stack the deck so you (teacher) always win... You can.

You set logical switches that if the trainer switch you choose is on AND your elevator control is 0, mix the student.

Do it that way and you move any stick, no contest, you win on that specific control... But the other mixes are unaffected... Release your stick, student gets control again.

That's possible and just does a logical switch for each channel.

Your trainer switch AND stick position is 0. (So if either of those conditions become not true, the mix is not applied... Since you create one for each channel, you get independent takeover and release for each one... You can nudge... Or fully take over... Your choice, but if you move a stick at all, it's all you on that channel.)

These TX's are marvels no doubt... But just wait till more OpenTX guys who build more funky stuff than I do come to Jeti... Well be spoiled to death!
Good thinking, GJ! I like this direction. Once I get things a little further along, I will probably explore it further. I'm still so new to the Jeti that I really don't have a full grasp of the possibilities yet.

This shit is so cool, LOL.
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