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Originally Posted by Groucho_ View Post
The R3 option would set you back around $65, yes.

Again, I'd rather spend an extra $30 and do it the right way. But that's if I'm paying. I understand if your situation is different.
OK, I'll bite. What additional functionality do I get by going with an R3? What kind of handoff and taking of control does that give you. Different from the possibilities with the PPM in and mixes?

How does one attach it to the DX9? If I am running a cable from the plug in the back of the DX9, doesnt that mean that I have this whole big thing dangling off of my DX9 now? With the proposed method I will have an RX inside of the Jeti and nothing dangling anywhere. Seems it is certainly the cleanest setup, even if it requires a bit more programming.

So far I am seeing my proposed method as difficult yet possible instead of possible yet too difficult.
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