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Awesome! I battled a wobble for the longest time. I changed the entire drivetrain and my issue was with the assembly of the head precisely the order of the shims and bearings. I used a picture I think Brian posted (when I saw it I saved it to my computer so I lost track of the original post) and fixed it that way. Now the wobble is gone. I still don't like how it flies though has a tilt to the right. I have not been able to go out on light wind to do a good trim flight. I am thinking I should get the swash leveler even if the FBL is supposed to trim itself. With all the issues I have had with it I have kind of let it alone and focused on my bigger 450 birds. I would really like to get it flying right it is perfect for backyard practice but I am tired of trying and trying while my 450's I can fix now no issues.

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New video showing main grip bearings
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