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Originally Posted by therick04pp View Post
Hot damn, im trying this in the AM. What do you mean "bias on the motor"? Will post my outcome!
Well, I think that a motor should not be running with no load on it, so I lightly put a finger on the motor and main gear just to slow it down a bit, to simulate load under flight and didn't touch the cyclic or rudder. Did this for about 30 secs.

It's just that I crashed it for the second time today (too much inverted nonsence I'm afraid), and the transmitter battery was very low, so didn't have time to do an in flight trim flight. I had done the same thing to a friends 200srx this week also, and it flew so well afterwards, I didn't think this would hurt to try, inspite of all the skepticism around this procedure. Time will tell, so hope a few others will try it out and report back.
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