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How exactly does it fly? Are you trying it on self-level (Stability) mode?

I grew tired of fighting with it and now I will focus on making it fly properly on 3D mode and playing with DR to make it responsive but tame enough for me. I will play with the linkages until I can make it fly on a stable hover with CoG weighted to the front. Then I will start using it as a practice bird. I think I can hover well enough now to dump the training wheels and make it hover rock solid to start all orientation hover and figure 8's training. Rescue seems to work well it makes a punch out up and seems to climb stable so should work if I get into trouble.

Hopefully I can finally enjoy this helicopter. I had a lot is frustration trying to get it to fly right after a crash and trying to fly stable on Stability.

We shall see.

Originally Posted by naga View Post
Hi guys, I have a new 230s, so I hope someone can advise me:

I have a DX8 which has telemetry and I am trying to ascertain my firmware version. Everything is setup on the TX exactly as recommended in the manual, no changes at all.

My TX is bound and the 230s responds. When I go to the Flight Log on the Telemtery page and press the Trainer/Bind button (set to Aux2) to get the firmware version as shown in the video, the main blades quiver a bit but none of the values change from zero.

Right now she flies like #%*#

Any suggestions?

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