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How does she fly?

In Stability mode take off is a nightmare, trying to tip into the ground. I have read up on the various threads and know that is "normal". Well it may well be "normal" for a Blade heli, but it is not very good, is it?

Once off the ground she needs a lot of cyclic to stop it from shooting off to the left and forward; a lot of stick, in any of the three flight modes.

I have yet to try a trimflight, (hopefully at the weekend if weather is OK).

Thinking I may well need to upgrade firmware, calibrate and new trimflight. I cannot determine the firmware version as I don't seem to be able to get that working in Telemetry on my DX8.

My fault .... I bought another Blade heli when I know better. Why don't their stuff fly right out the box? And I am still playing with the idea of buying the Apache! I must be nuts.
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