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If your skills allow just forget about Stability and try it all the way to Expert and play with DR and Expo. I know it will be much harder to fly than on safe level. I also purchased it under the impression it would be a self level wonder to regain my confidence after failed attempts with my 360 CFX.

I know that's not something they tell you but seems like self level for a helicopter is a really hard thing to do. I mean for the guys who developed the feature and programmed it into the unit.

The rescue option seems to work just fine though. You should just do a calibration (to be safe, it solves a random issue that happens mostly when pushing it a little hard) for which you need a separate cable, a computer, an Internet connection and a bubble level. Then do a few trim flights.

Inknow this is probably not what you wanted to hear. I am with you. I experienced lots of frustration with it. But yesterday evening on Expert it flew fine. My own inexperience and lack of patience have made me not enjoy it after I crashed it on my second pack after maiden. But I am still trying and seems like succeeding by treating it like just a regular CP helicopter with a rescue function.

Lots and lots of pilots who are experienced enough to forget about self level are enjoying it to the point of buying it again or another one. I guess getting what the marketing hype was all about was too much to ask from Blade. As a small, cheap, rescue-enabled, and easy to fix CP Heli it succeeds. As a self level beginner Heli to grow on it fails. However Blade will say it is targeted at Intermediate pilots. Their still available 200 SRX is the one targeted at beginners.

Get a sim (very really cheap starting options) start a training program then customize your Heli to tame it down via settings and you should be fine.

Originally Posted by naga View Post
How does she fly?

In Stability mode take off is a nightmare, trying to tip into the ground. I have read up on the various threads and know that is "normal". Well it may well be "normal" for a Blade heli, but it is not very good, is it?

Once off the ground she needs a lot of cyclic to stop it from shooting off to the left and forward; a lot of stick, in any of the three flight modes.

I have yet to try a trimflight, (hopefully at the weekend if weather is OK).

Thinking I may well need to upgrade firmware, calibrate and new trimflight. I cannot determine the firmware version as I don't seem to be able to get that working in Telemetry on my DX8.

My fault .... I bought another Blade heli when I know better. Why don't their stuff fly right out the box? And I am still playing with the idea of buying the Apache! I must be nuts.
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