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I suffer from getting carried away. Very passionate for the hobby and I usually over-share.

I never did check the FW version on mine. I have a DX6 and although I know of the telemetry capability for FW version display, I just ordered the cable and performed a firmware upgrade. It is up to the latest version. I forget which one is it, just picked the very latest one. But you can probably check by attempting a calibration procedure that was introduced after release and after pilots started reporting the "yaw issue". If not available you at least know you have the original release version and highly likely you should upgrade as I said before on my ranting, just to be safe.

PS. By the way if you can fly figure 8's on a CP Heli your skills are better than mine.

Originally Posted by naga View Post
Thanks for your welcome and replies.

I have Phoenix SIM, and can fly a CP (not well) but I can fly Fig 8's and stuff although I have yet to go inverted. I started two years ago this month and have been training hard in Phoenix; four or five evenings a week for one or two hours.

I have the 200SRX (among many other helis) and can fly that fine.

What I was asking (and we seem to have gotten diverted) was how to ascertain the firmware version with a Telemetry enabled DX8 since the method of pressing the Trainer Button does not seem to work.

Thanks for your help.
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