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Default Scott -- KBDD Team Pilot

Hi everyone,

I'm Scott. I joined KBDD last month and I have to say I'm thrilled to be part of the team! I have flown a lot of different blades, but I'm happy to say I'm back home. I always used KBDD tail blades on my helicopters, but now I'm happy to report that I'm using KBDD mains, as well!

I got started in the hobby when my wife bought me Air Hogs helicopters for Christmas. I quickly outgrew those and moved on to a Blackhawk 500 RTF helicopter. After six months of complete frustration, swapping radios, watching a ton of Finless Bob videos, I finally was able to hover that helicopter.

Form there, I moved to a T-Rex 500 which I still have. Next was a Gaui Hurricane 425/500/550 helicopter that I bought at IRCHA for $50.00--Gaui had a sale. I really liked that helicopter, so I continued to fly it for a long time. Then there came a carbon fiber frame and new bearing block upgrade for it from Head Hunter helicopters. I bought that and was hooked. That upgrade brought out the potential of the helicopter. I liked it so much that I bought the company from the owner and made HeadHunter frames for about a year.

Next came a Velocity 50, a Furion 6, and a Compass 7hv. I loved them all. I still have the Velocity 50. I really loved the 7hv, but it was sold to fund electronics for an ALeeS Rush 750 when I became a field rep for them. About a year after that, I became team manager for ALeeS USA. I loved being team manager for Charley Stephens. There were a lof of good people on that team and I am still friends with all of them. I was team manager for ALeeS USA for about two years until an unfortunate turn of circumstances took place.

Next, I became team manager for Shannon Turner and DT USA. I have the the DT520 and DT700 helicopters which are great helicopters that nobody knows about. There were a lot of great people on that team. I will miss them but we all remain in contact and I consider each of them friends. That venture folded when DT told Shannon that they would no longer be in the helicopter business. I loved it there. Shannon is a great man and should be supported by everyone in the hobby.

The very day DTUSA went out, I was approached by Ah Clem to join Compass USA as a field rep. Prior, I was approached by Ah Clem to join KBDD. At that time joining KBDD was not possible, but during the call to me Ah Clem asked if I wanted to join KBDD. I lept at the offer and here I am!

About a year ago, I became team manager for OMGRCUSA. There were a bunch of good people on that team, too. I hope to stay in contact with them. Tony Whiteside will always be my friend, no matter what. Unfortunately, OMGRCUSA went away.

So, I have been through a lot in the hobby, but my dedication to the hobby is stronger than ever, now.

About three weeks after DTUSA went out, I accepted Ah Clem's offer to be a Compass field rep.

I'm thrilled to be a part of KBDD and Compass USA!

I am married for 12 years to a beautiful woman who accompanies me to most events that I attend. Recently, our grand daughter Emma celebrated her first birthday! We have a dog named Schumi who is spoiled to the max and you may have seen him at IRCHA or other events with my wife and I.

I am employed by a large telecommunications company and under contract to FCA USA. I have degrees in Computer Science so I'm a geek.

If you ever have any questions about any helicopter, blades or products and you see some guy running around in a day glow yellow KBDD shirt, don't be afraid to ask!


Spartan Vortex Inside,Team Scorpion
KBDD Team Pilot ):>

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