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Originally Posted by Diogenes View Post
Been looking at another issue too. When I plug the battery in and I take off, I get great throttle response, fast climb rate, but only once. After that, sluggish throttle.

Land, unplug, and replug in the battery, same thing again.

After cycling the battery several times, I can get about 5 minutes flight. But, the thottle issue is still apparent.

I did recalibrate the throttle in dji assistant software.

My lhs didn't have a battery, I ordered one this evening.
Im still pointing at the battery but looking back I also see you are running the Naza V2. It is important to note that the Naza is made to be stable. Mine on my hex allows me to power up quickly to get in the air but once there it adjusts altitude rather slowly to maintain that stable platform. Obviously I cant see how your quad is behaving but it is possible that the copter is just maintaining its own stability.
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