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Well I picked a good weekend to build this thing. It's been raining all day. I didn't get as far as I expected today because I ran into a little hiccup. Hopefully it will turn out ok. More on that later.

Tail case:

Getting ready to install tail grip bearings:
I think greasing bearings is probably my least favorite part about building so far, but still not too bad. just messy and sticky.

Tail fin with sticker:

The third, short screw for the fin was not included and isn't in the manual It's probably not necessary, but I had some leftover screws that fit except were a bit too long. I had to grind down an 8mm down to 6mm to keep it off the tail case.

Now here was my issue. I ran into one of those "experience required" things. Everything on the tail was super smooth and free except the little pitch slider grips and pins.

Actually it was smooth but did not move as freely as I thought it should . So I tried sanding the parts which kind of made it worse because then it would slide freely in a spot in the middle and then bind a little around that spot. So I sanded some more. Then the parts would slide together easily until put the pin back in. Then the slider would still slide inconsistently. So I jammed a 1.5mm hex key through just the middle hole and spun it around to open it up a little, hoping the outer grip holes could hold the pins well enough. Had to sand some more after that but this basically fix my "issue" (if it really was an issue. ) Of course now the pins were looser than before so I put a drop of ca glue where the pins stick out. I'm hoping that will hold them. I'll definitely do plenty of bench testing. I'm thinking I should buy a spare pitch slider in case this one doesn't work out. If it comes to that, I'll just install it and leave it alone.

I'm not sure how I feel about parts being held together with a pin held in by friction alone. Seems like it wouldn't take long to work it's way out. Do other helis have this setup?

Anyway here is how it ended up after today. Looking good. I want to let the ca sit overnight and hope it actually dries (this ca is slow for some reason) and doesn't find it's way into the middle part of the pin.

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