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Thats V5.03 then. Quite old. Using it sometimes myself on older Laptop.
Got the Graupner stereo cable working with Mono plug and Walkera Devo10.

Reflex left IMHO all old blue dongle users behind because of the China dongle clones. That was a hit to be left out. Too bad...
The owner/buyer before me payed almost 200eur.
I never will upgrade for 99eur to 5.06++.
That should have cost IMHO 25-30eur including new dongle just like RF SW updates (sold 50%).
Come on...a new RF is even cheaper...

Recently I tested Multiplex MultiFlight...Reflex test version for Dogfighter and Mpx fullscreen mode...

However I do very much like the RF InterLink Elite controller.
For my RF6.5 even most of the newer RF7/7.5 helis are incompatible..

This is going to be a lot of work for Reflex to keep up with all the newer heli models...
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