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The irony is they didn't even have to create a new radio, just make a receiver with a serial output so that heli guys could use it with any of the modern FBL controllers. They waited too long and the competition wasn't sleeping either. Also don't forget that the SD-10G was released in 2009 and not even a single firmware update was ever released for it. Many bought a $20 cable for nothing.
That's right and every year Sanwa would change Engineering development teams so every year the engineering staff would take 6 months to get up to speed on what the last team did. In earlier years the Engineering team had been in place for years and never underwent changes on a yearly basis. We requested single wire out for years and had a whole list of revisions that we wanted on top of Global wanting and having the money to buy the SD-10G software so we could rewrite it ourselves. No dice. Sanwa wasn't selling and wouldn't consider it. They made so many mistakes over the years when we blatantly told them what would sell and what wouldn't and we still got stuff that wouldn't sell.

Let the new importers lie their asses off about what's coming down the line if they want to but until President Suzuki signs an executive order and someone publishes it; there are no new Air radios in the pipeline. When Futaba came out with their 6 channel that has telemetry for $199.00 as far as Sanwa was concerned that was the end or Air radios. They gave up at that point.
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