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Default Need Help Arming Blade 350QX with Taranis

So I've had this up on for a week or so with no luck on any sort of answer.

Apologies if I put this in the wrong section. Any help would be appreciated....

So I have read and done a lot to get where I"m at, but I"m really stuck and can't get my 350 to arm and spin up the motors.
This is where I"m at:
Taranis x9d plus - Upgraded to 2.0.19 -latest firmware
Orange RX TX Module - _detailpage_o00_s00

Used 350QX from here -
Pretty sure this is the oldest of the old - Original 350QX with the red battery cover.
I have updated the firmware to the latest version and can communicate with it via the Blade software.
I also have a Dx6i that binds up and works great with it. All flight modes - Everything.

I restored this model exactly on my taranis -
Then I took a better look through the rcsettings site and found a much more up to date model called 350qx stagility. So I used that one instead. My thinking is that this model should have everything I need as far as settings on the taranis to fly right??

When you turn on the quad it seems to act totally normal - blue light flashes in bind mode. I turn on my taranis holding down the orange rx bind button and it seems to bind up OK. My green light comes on and if I"m outside it goes solid eventually indicating I've got GPS. At this point I can switch through the flight modes - Getting green, blue, purple, and red lights on the quad. I can turn on and off the throttle hold and make it flash red for return to home. All of this tells me I'm bound with the craft and it's responding to what I think is my tx emulating a spektrum one.

So from here I move the throttle (left stick mode 2) from left to right quickly all the way down at the bottom. Nothing happens.
I've tried moving the trim all the way thru the entire slider going left to right over and over each time. Any time I move the right stick I get the fast beeping from the quad, indicating I"m bound and gps is on.

Just for reference I also downloaded models from rcsettings for my nano qx and my 180qx and they do exactly the same thing. They bind up holding down the bind button on the orange rx and everything seems to work but the thorottle/basic inputs. My 180 would sort of randomly go full throttle for a sec and stop a few times while I was messing with it. It's like all inputs on the receivers are getting the signal for flight modes, rates etc but no throttle aileron, etc

Am I using the wrong orange rx module? BTW I am using it in PPM mode and have followed many posts on forums that explain settings to make the blade craft works.

If no one knows an obvious answer my next stop is to bind up a random spektrum and d4r receiver on a test bench style setup and see if I can get it to output voltage.....

What am I missing?? Please help if you can...
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