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Originally Posted by flyingdrummer View Post
In regards to the 350...when your at the point where u can change flight modes and u get beeps when u move the right stick ...move the trottle stick at the lowest should get 3 ascending tones...the happy tones...everytime u raise and lower the stick when at the lowest those tones sould sound. Make sure trottle hold is off.
I know on the dx6i, you had to put 10 to 15 clicks of sub trim on the throttle, or the 350 would never arm
I set up my model on my dx6i, bound it one time, flipped the stick left to right one time and it spun up. Process took me 5 minutes. No trim guessing. I'm pretty sure at this point I've narrowed my problem down to the orange RX not working on the taranis. Both my nano and 180 do this pulsing signal thing. All the videos I've seen using a orange RX are with the old model that takes 3 clicks to switch modes. I don't think the new one works with the older blade-built in spektrum rxs. My next step will probably be either a diy spektrum module or the dm9. I with I had known that it didn't work before I wasted my money....

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