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I have 6 3S 2200 maH batteries for my T-rex 450 I'd like to be able to use on a multi-copter. I'm looking at both the DJI F450w/naza and F550w/naza right now. I'm leaning more towards the 450 if my batteries will work with it, but I'd still like to hear from owners of both the 450 and 550 as to the pros and cons of each.

What kind of flight times can I expect for my battery size and would it be able to take two in parallel?

I've read about torsional flex in the arms and wonder if this is a serious problem, or if it needs to be addressed? What other problems do the Flame wheels suffer from? Should I purchase aftermarket props? Can someone explain to me the difference in the props included with the kit i.e. 8 vs 10?

Which retailer do you guys recommend to buy it all from?

Lastly, this is the only Multicopter I've really been exposed to. What are it's competitors if any?
Hey Thursday! I'm the proud owner of a Flamewheel F450 I've tricked out with a camera gimbal and Command and Control data links.

The frame is more than large enough to take two packs in parallel. I get about 5-7 minutes on a 5000 mAh 3S pack (I'm going to swap to 4S in the near future for better flight times) because of my abnormally high current draw from everything that is strapped to the aircraft. With a 2200 mAh 3S pack I get about 3 minutes of flight time, again, I probably have more hanging off the aircraft than anyone else in the thread.

Don't worry about flex, the aircraft is solid as a rock, I noticed that has been covered earlier in the thread, so I won't bang on about it. The aircraft uses a weird prop combo, the longer props go one rotation, the smaller props go on the other. The main issue you'll have is if you move up to 4S, you'll want to go with smaller props (8in props), as the motors get REALLY hot on 4S with stock props.

The aircraft is an awesome one, most of the issues I see with it are due more in part to the Autopilot system that DJI bundles it with, it isn't very good for professional work, and it can't get missions uploaded to the aircraft without a datalink. This comes from someone who will be employed in the UAS industry in the next few years, however. The autopilot system works great as a flight controler, and it holds GPS position and altitude pretty well, I have no complaints there.

You can order everything from Helipal, I just ordered a T-Rex 450 from them and it got here in 2 days from Hong Kong (I live in the Midwest). They did a good job, and nothing was missing. If you end up wanting to hang anything off of it, B&H Photo Video sells pretty much anything you could want (gimbals, data links, the whole 9 yards), and I believe they also carry the kit too.

Enjoy the build, it's really simple, and have fun flying it!

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