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Originally Posted by Cman View Post
Here ya go

taken by me I was also flying would of been better if the wind was calm.
Originally Posted by toys2cars2toys View Post
Here you go, I bought my 230 used, the canopy was already on it, the old owner had managed to crack it on both sides across the mounting holes. I actually bandaged it by laminating layers of "post it" notes and CA! - I would do this from new, if I got another

I also found that it rattled. You may just be able to make out a tab of thin plastic, that I fixed to the front that slips between the frame and the skids - does the stock canopy have this? - I think my SR did

The fin was cut from carbon sheet, the "foot" may not look too cool, but it helps to avoid catching on grass
The tape was from ebay - reflective lime green sign making vinyl

Where did you guys get those canopies???? I know they are fusano and for me to order from them is like $25 shipping, need a place in the states to buy these.
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