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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
That is just awesome good for you man. I started out too fast so I think I was inefficient. Went for bigger and more expensive (to own and to crash) helis. By now I probably should have been better with two fully blinged micros and probably two beaters.

But good for you. Definitely post lots of pics when you get it done.

That is also one nice canopy
Thanks, I'm sure you know that I was just having fun, teasing, all meant in good humor

The truth is, I thought long and hard before buying the Rakon parts, they had 15% off a few weeks back and I got a free canopy for my 200QX,which I was planing on buying
I bought my 230s used, bundled with some other parts which I sold on - I don't dare tell you how little my 230 ended up costing me - it left me with some headroom to upgrade
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