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I've managed to get a few more flights on the 250 and am starting to get comfortable with how it's flying in its current state. Everything has been working great on it so far and I'm starting to figure out what's going to be needed as far as tuning goes.

So far the only real issue that I am running into is that it has a bit of tail wag. It's not real crazy or anything maybe only 2 inches or so. At my lower head speed (3700 I think) it's non existence but once I go to 4200 is wheen it happens. It's not bad enough to stop me from flying at 4200 and the tail holds good in backward circuits.

I have been flying without the canopy so far and am not sure if I will even bother at this point. Also I have been running plastic blades while I get the bugs worked out. I will be switching those out for the carbons soon enough and eventually a set of zeal's on down the road.

I have been running some cheap flourion 800 mah batteries on it and flying for 4 minutes and the packs are coming down at over 50% charge still, 11.6 V. Although I haven't really been tossing it about much yet and just doing fast circuits.

I still have lots of work to do yet to get it dialed in and am doing a little each night as I have a bit of time, but I'm liking it enough right now that I'm trying to get as many flights in on it while I can.
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