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First time in 4 weeks I could fly today, weather has been total crap for a month. If it hasn't been raining it's been super windy.

Got 4 packs in today. Spent time working on doing multiple flips/rolls without stopping. Was able to get 5 controlled front flips with minimal altitude change and 4 right hand rolls/flips that one had a little more change in altitude than the front ones. Had a couple instances where I was flipping and got out of sorts and was able to recover (not using panic) which felt really good. Also worked on flipping one way then flipping out a different way. So get inverted flipping right, then front flip or back flip to upright, hadn't done much of that before.

Finally pulled of a really sweet split s like I used to do with my nitro plane 30 years ago. I've been working them but would always basically stop when I'd pop inverted. Tonight carried a little speed, rolled it inverted, pulled back on the stick and boom carried speed as it came back upright and headed the opposite direction. That felt really good!

Was a good day
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