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I wrenched a bit on mine. The swash leveler does not give you the proper height of the swash along the main shaft. Saturday I used a pitch gauge and did my best to get it to 0 pitch by messing with linkage height on the servo setup advanced menu.

Today I used the swash leveler to set all three linkages properly with the swash leveler on top of the links. Got 0.04 degrees of pitch at 0 which is not too bad. I also noticed play on the shaft and at maximum collective the shaft was going down hitting the FBL. I noticed there was a missing locking ring on the shaft to lock the movement of the shaft. I also noticed a missing screw on the anti rotation and my fix with Velcro small stripes for a frame crack was loose so reinforced with thick CA.

Seems like I am ready for more flights to keep exploring what I can do while keeping a finger on the Rescue button. Works great can't believe had not taken advantage of that feature. Took me a while to fix after a crash and turning off self level and use Rescue to really appreciate this little helicopter.

It seems finally after a few months I can use this Heli the way it was intended (for me as to why I purchased it in the first place). Practice and confidence builder helicopter.
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