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Toad, can't tell if you are speaking about your 230 or one of the larger more complex helis you list in your sig. If I am speaking honestly, if the 230 is giving you issues those others are really going to make you want to quit. I have crashed one or the other of my 230s somewhere around 30 to 40 times. I used to think I was doing good if I could go 10 batteries without one. Anyway, both of those 230s still fly perfectly and they are the biggest thing I own. What I don't understand is the feeling you have with the stable you keep. Get over it and go fly those things that many only dream about owning and somewhere along the way you will more than likely advance in skill. Not trying to redicule as I can see whay you mean, but use and abuse the 230, even if you have to get 6 of them to keep them flying, and let's hear how good the 380 flies.

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