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Originally Posted by Bilymac View Post
What size batteries are you using to get those flight times? Right now I'm using 800-1000Ah, flying for 5 min, and coming down around 3.83v.
I can't answer for him but I'm using the 1300mah NanoTech batteries that I have for my 300x which is the same size as the 230s.

I had to change the plug on the esc to a XT60 that the batteries have.

A JST plug is a plug that will eventually fail so changing it is a good thing.

On a stock 230s a 1300mah pack will put it into perfect fore/aft balance.

I suspect that Blade went with a lighter battery for two reasons.

One is to raise the performance,possibly.

The second is that Blade likes to sell expensive batteries for each different model that they put out.
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