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Default Unstable #3 motor on Naze32

Hi all,
can anyone give me an idea what is causing this problem?
I recently flashed my Afro 12A ESC's with BL Heli 14.5, also flashed my Naze 32 with Betaflight 2.5.
Checked through all settings in clean flight and made adjustments as required to config + Receiver + Modes + motors calibrations ect.
All seams to be working fine with orientation & flight controls.

The problem;
The motors run up ok but when stick is left at just above 'mid' stick, #3 motor RPM climbs up very slowly until full rpm & stays there, the other motors rpm move in synch with THR stick but will not reach full RPM, when stick is retarded all motors synch & drop to idle. Moving the Cyclic & Rudder all motors respond as expected. Only #3 seams unstable.

I nave swopped all ESC's & what ever ESC is connected to the Naze #3 position … slowly climbs to full rpm.
I borrowed a Naze 32 board with the latest Naze firmware, did the setup & test, the problem is the same….what ever ESC / motor is connected to the Naze. #3 position- motor climbs to full rpm.
Individually all motors and ESC's are working normal.
Any ideas on this please?

Ps, i am using one shot + damping, Ive tried disabling the one shot but still the same no change.
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