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Hi all,
i have it sorted now, after going over all the settings yet again, i couldn't find a problem with any of my settings.
I then checked the settings and motor functions display on my other 210 racer, i found that in clean flight on the motor section, on this 210 #2 motor was fluctuating and going to full RPM, which after some thought,it would seams this is normal.

I have now done a flight test of my 250 racer that i thought, had a problem.
It fly's very nice so all is good & very happy with the BLHeli & Beta flight firmware.

I would guess that the motor functions (just visual in the clean flight, not actually running) whilst the quad is at rest on a table is similar to what you get from a heli FBL controller when the heli is at rest on a table, the swash sometimes will move full throw ect. ??
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