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Ok, roger that! Yes, with battery I'm at 348g. Time to diet folks. Food for thought. I have the torque tube model and was thinking of converting to carbon boom and belt drive. I know the boom is lighter but I wonder what is the difference between torque tube and parts needed vs. belt and parts needed? Which version is lighter? Also I'm looking to run some high hs like Number is. The torque tube gear box on this model makes me worry. It caused my only crash at 6 flights in. Was just flying around and the gears spun on the shaft causing me to loose the tail. It did this 3 times but the other 2 times I almost crashed. When I bought new little gears I CA'd them from new. I've only ran about 85% since because I'm not sure how strong they are.
Few questions:
1. Is belt more durable and perhaps less vibration (smoother running) on this model? Additionally I see where an infinity kevlar belt is recommended by Number, supposed to be the shizzle.
2. Which set-up is lighter TT or belt both using carbon boom?
3. If I'm missing something please fill in. I'm trying to obtain best performance, smoothest running, and durability.
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