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Default Tips, Mods and Upgrades

They are great mini copters, but the manual that comes with them gives no guidance and is confussing if you translate to what the manufacturer is trying to explain.
So here are some tricks, Mods and Upgrades to make them work as they are intended

This are my personal findings:

K110 and 120 share same head, to make the 120 lighter use 110 head and swashplate.
Blades are different size.
V977 and 110 are the same except board and ESC?.
You can upgrade 110 with SUT tail motor and 120 tail blade or just 120 tail blade and will hold better.
There should be no slop on blade grips otherwise it will with mess the gyro, shim out any slop but making the grips move freely and grease those dampeners.
Be carefull when buying dog bones links as some of them the holes are facing the same side.
Replace battery and ESC ends, lossi, for JST, have more grip and better connection.
Get some fiberglass cloth for when you break one of the tabs on your landing gear, cut some and use CA glue, no need to replace the landing gear, pic attached.
I been using kbdd pilots choice blades on my 110, they don't flex as stock and holds better if on 3D.
Haven't upgrade blades on 120, but Trex 150?
HK, turnigy nanotech.
You have to trim out the plastic of the pack case otherwise will get stuck on gear, pic attached.
or graphene.
For HCP100S:

If main gear slips out on your 110 use some hot glue to hold it in place.
Motor fin broke off? Use zip tie

Great helis!

Will post about stock radio later on.

Or post your findings
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