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I have a unopened 7.2 and have been torn as to whether to build it I ordered spares the other day from the USA site the parts arrived promptly. Time to start building I guess:-)

As far as helicopter sales go I can tell you from experience that sales are. definitely down I dumped my Synergy dealership and closed my canopy store partially for this reason. Direct sales for kits will more than likely be the rule for the not so main stream manufacturers. Synergy has done this for a good while now which in itself may drive the dealers away. The issue with this scenario comes back to parts availability. When vendors no longer carry parts and you are force to direct sales the supply lines become thin. Many of my Synergy parts sales were driven by the out stock scenario on the Synergy store. Same situation with KDS when the USA store is out. No other US alternative.
In the long haul it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Hopefully when the drone craze subsides and folks come to their senses the Heli market will improve.


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