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Originally Posted by joe1l View Post
AVCS damping
This is set to 98% by default. This setting will effect how stable your heli feels during hover and overal. The higher the value the more stable it will be, the better it will stabilize in windy conditions etc. As you raise this value your control feel will degrade though. The higher resolution, the higher the AVCS Dmp value can go without it degrading control. The more resolution the higher the cyclic gains can be run. I think this value is one of the most important values along with the Igain in getting a solid flying heli. At 98% my X5 would fly nicely in calm conditions but the slightest bit of wind would knock my heli around like a feather. Setting it to 99 increased its stability greatly and at 100% increased it to the point that i could let go of the sticks in the wind . The problem is if you dont have optimal resolution it will feel inaccurate on control feel will be compromised.

The key here is to achieve optimal resolution to allow for a higher AVCS.dmp value without it affecting your control feeling or accuracy. To compare The Vbar has a cyclic setup screen which uses a slider of a value of 0 to 100. They have you measure exactly 8 degrees of aileron cyclic...moving the slider up will give you more throw and down less. Optimal resolution on the Vbar is a value between 80 to 100% on the slider with exactly 8 degrees of cyclic. The lower the slider value the less resolution you have. The same is true with CGY750 except optimal resolution is determined by AFR% in your Swash menu. The sweet spot for Ailerion AFR is to achieve 8 degrees of cyclic throw between 50% to 60% AFR, Elevator above 50% normally 60% + If you are getting 8 degrees with AFR % in the 40's then you should adjust your setup so your AFR is at least 50% or greater.
My experience : Increasing resolution made an extreme difference on both of FBL X5's (Vbar & CGY750) when I increased my cyclic resolution using different (shorter) swash balls. Both were identically setup with my Vbar originally being at 75% on slider and 8degrees of Ail throw to 90% & 8degrees compared to CGY750 which was at 47% and went to Ailerion 52% AFR @ 8degrees Elevator AFR also went up from 54 to 60% AFR. The biggest difference was that I was able to increase my AVCS.Dmp from 98% to 100% which increased the stability of my heli without compromising on my control feel/accuracy.
Hi joe.

I see your explanations about AVCS.Dmp and resolution in cgy750 (and vbar) ....and I see you also use msh I believe you could help me with msh brain feeling, for me is too natural and i prefer more stabilite and robotic heli.
1) to get an increase resolution, I need decrease links of the swashplate?
2) whats the controls in msh brain is similar AVCS.Dmp?
3) you use default gains in msh brain or you increase these? Whats values you use for a 500 heli?
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