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Originally Posted by flappist View Post
Well I am doing the happy dance.

I took my brand new 230s out to the club field in mild conditions (5-7kts variable) and flew it until I ran out of batteries.

No crashes and of course no damage.

To make it even better this was the first time I have flown a CP heli ever, previously they were FP (200SRx and MSRx) so I am very happy with my effort.

There was not any 3D just hovering, circuits and the like in initially stability and then agility mode. I even got it to land pretty close to spots I picked out, well about 2 feet from it anyway.

I really do like this heli.....

Awesome! I've had a similar evening (although nowhere near as adventurous) and what a rush it is to actually control one of these things in the air! 25yrs since I first got interested in RC heli's and finally it's now a reality, I'm hooked proper!

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