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You can't always compare manufacturer ratings since they don't always use the same standards. I'd say the Align motor may or may not be more powerful, you'd have to bench test them next to each other to get a reliable comparison. The Scorpion motor does have higher Kv which will provide an increase in head speed 400 to 450 rpm depending on gearing. Also motor power is a function of Kv. Higher Kv increases current demand and thereby power.

Stator size is usually a good gauge for torque output of a motor. In this case it's 22mm x 6mm for the Scorpion motor versus 19mm x 8mm for the Align motor. In terms of volume they're almost identical.

I just checked on my 250 since it's sitting next to me on my desk right now.The width of the frame is barely over 28mm so it would be a tight fit. There's a chance it may not clear. Possibly a little filing on the frame cutouts might be required.
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