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That is the weakest part. I fixed mine but with the force exerted into it does not last long. The aftermarket CF frames are the way to go.

The Lynx frame is completely redesigned with a different servo layout. I purchased my Rakonheli and I really liked it. What I like about RKH is that even though they did not do a full redesign like Lynx it is still pretty solid and bling in all those colours is pretty good. I mean if you are spending extra cash for an upgrade why not add style to it?

Originally Posted by Diogenes View Post
Dammit, was repairing crash damage today and had to put it away to cool off. Replaced the entire tail assembly and main gear in what I thought was a fairly minor crash. Got this all repaired, then noticed that the top part of the frame was completely severed above the main motor.

I'll replace the frame as I have a spare, but I'm considering an aftermarket frame for the first time. Are they worth the extra cost?

At least I have a second 230 to fly till this gets sorted out
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