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Please don't take this the wrong way just trying to help honest. It is VERY exciting to flip and roll and hover inverted as it is as you say just plain fun. However if you want to grow your skill level I recommend you practice the basics. Ensure your orientations are perfect. This is repetitive and boring training but it really pays off.

I recently heard a Bert Kammerer old interview on RCHN and I liked his tip to fly a few packs training and then just fly and do whatever you want and have fun, after all it is a hobby.

Some sim training for that boring training and fun real flights is another option with today's sims. But definitely don't try to perform advanced maneuvers. The same thing happens to me and I am guilty of doing the same thing, so I am trying to force myself to sim under some sort of training, trying to follow one posted here on Helifreak by ArchmageAU.

Good luck!

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Yesterday - Flipped it several times and hovered inverted twice for a few seconds. I'm relatively new at this so it felt great. It was easy and felt very in control. For the first time I flipped anything but my Nano CPS and V977 I did it with my 180 CFX. That went so well I did it with the 230S. So it was a good day for me. Yeah I'm having fun now!
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