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Awesome. Check out ArchmageAU's training. It has helped me a lot to work on the things I need to (basics). It is the "from tail in to funnels in 6 months" on the RC Flight School forum.

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No problem. I don't take that any way but good advice. Yeah, I'm weak on two basic things, nose in hovering and flying circuits without self leveling. I can do both cautiously but I'm not solid on either. Tail in and both sides hovering I'm good. Circuits left or right and backwards with self leveling are solid.
I've owned Phoenix sim almost from the time I started. At first it was harder than flying a small cp heli. I learned on a Nano CPS and V977 and now I can sim and I'm doing it more often. I still find it harder than a real helicopter. I'm flying a Trex 700 on the sim. But conquering the things that are harder will make the real thing easier.
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