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What I have found is that these things may eventually end up in weird orientations. And the potential to do amazing things is there, plus the challenge to progress.

To me what so far I have seen is that the best thing is to master all orientations, upright and inverted. I think ArchmageAU's approach is also good to master upright orientations then figure 8's then inverted hover. But for me I find drawing a good line on figure 8's also needs awareness of all orientations of the heli. I find that because all orientations will make your brain think properly in any direction the heli is facing and make maneuvers, from simple to complex, easier to master.

That's just my opinion on how my progression has moved. Learning to hover inverted other than the nose-in I have pretty much nailed down is like learning to fly again! ArchmageAU did warn me about that actually.

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For me, the sim helped me get in the door, but continuing further has to be real life flying. In the beginning I was flying inverted but had difficulty with things like left turns and really turns in general. To the point that I had to make sure I had plenty of room to give bailout room also. We're not talking stall turns as they are more a change of direction, not too much turning involved. Talking banked turns. Forced myself to practice turns, left and right, and so now I feel the basics of turning are good and it feels more natural for things like inverted. I follow the above training but for me personally it has helped to work on being able to fly like a scale model first and then work on the inverted or more advanced moves after. I feel like if I can't fly like a real heli, why should I be working on stuff more difficult. Just my opinion and only been flying CP for about 6 months now.

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