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Today I received and maidened my 230S. The store I ordered it from only had ridiculously priced E-Flite's in stock, so I postponed the lipos and got the heli a couple days earlier than expected. The NF kit is planned for later, but for now I just wanted to try the 230S stock.

Skipped the calibration as it was bought for 3D mode only, so I maidened it in that mode using the stock setup but with 100 INH on the rudder in both rate modes. Found it fun to zip around doing some fast circuits and figure 8s (3 flights today between charges on the solo lipo), but may drop the expo to 20% and after the first 30 seconds I kept it in high rates which I like a lot more. 100 INH on the rudder gives the tail a good piro rate and I didn't experience any blow outs.

Flew well out of the box with no drift or yaw tendencies. Tail is not as "locked in" as the 180's is, but it's also a lot less maintenance and much sturdier so I'm ok with that since this is intended for Sport flight and I've never been into smack 3D.

There were few designs, inherent in its blow up doll micro design (it reminds of a micro in many ways in its construction) that gave me almost deja vu moments to the 120 SR with its fat white plastic blades, plastic frame, swash, rotor head, and especially the double sets of swash balls it has which it also shares with the ancient mSR and mSR X.

In how it flies and performs, there is no resemblance to those other helis but, technology aside, it had a "retro" bit of a look to it coming to from the 180 CFX. Which is not a bad thing in its own way: I have a 180 CFX with its banshee performance, disdain of even hard landings, and more complex higher parts count design - I bought this for the durable, low parts count sport heli that it is and it can peacefully coexist with my 180 CFX.

Now I just need a lot more lipos.. I have the common 8 port parallel board and a 200W charger, so 7 more sounds right.
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