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Working from home so I stole a half hour flying in the back garden. Bit breezy but ok. Thought I would try a IU1 take off....all ok, but just after lift off a sharp gust took it sideways too quickly for me so my reflex was to lower the throttle and hit TH....bad move, need to spend less time in stability mode - came down a little hard and the negative pitch coupled with the angle of impact caused one of the blades to whack the boom which kinked a little up near the tail end. The blade grip links both popped off too.

After a deep breath I had a close look - no head damage, no skids or frame damage, links put back on (checked them and the ball mounts for any damage - none, all square and solid) and tail straightened out. Check servo alignment (perfect), swash level (perfect) and zero pitch (perfect). Only 1 tooth on the main gear was ever so slightly damaged (minuscule, but I could see it) and the pinion and motor was fine (hit TH just before impact).

Took it back out and she flies like nothing happened....phew

The blade that hit the boom has a slight dink in it, which I've smoothed out - stock blades, should I swap them out for new?

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