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I have a few scale models in the 200 and 230. And to tell the truth, they are great fun to make and fly - once. They are just too valuable to fly on a regular basis. Mine look great hanging from the ceiling.
Yeah, second that!

I have fitted a 230s into one of the SR Huey Gunship shells. Easy mod, just need to do the tail kickup to accept the different tail motor as the frame is almost identical.

First flight went fine, I was so pleased, she flew well but not as good as the stock 230s.

Second flight? Oh s*#t. Lost orientation with the green colour against the trees, she rolled one way and I corrected the wrong way. One busted shell. Cannot get them any more but it is repairable.

I love scale but the cost is very high and they are very vulnerable. Not for everyday flights.
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