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Default Battery advise?

Hi guys!

Recently got my first K110, must say a big thank you to all who recommended it! It's not perfect, no heli is. But it for sure is a BIG step forward for such a small micro!

Size wise it's a mCPX, so much easier to work on than a Nano. And sensible & quite crash proof too. Parts are dirt cheap which is a big plus! Perfect trainer and bring anywhere heli for me!

Now then... batteries. I got the stock ones that are 450 mAh 25C and these 520 mAh 30C:

Both work fine, and they might come more to life after more cycles. But it see for both that it has very good HS at first, then noticeably drop in HS for the rest of the flight. The stock ones seem a bit more powerful to me. I run 100% HS.

Any recommendations?
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